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Jane Meyler

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Jane is excellent at making me face and deal with the issues at hand by challenging the received wisdoms and accepted norms to bring about a step change in attitudes/practices. Jane is very good at walking the line between being challenging and having a fine sense of humanity, knowing when to press just a little further or adopt a different style or approach.

(Regional Director: Benelux, Nordic & UK (MD))

Jane Meyler is an independent Business Coach, Consultant, Educator and Coaching Supervisor, accredited by the Association of Professional Executive Coaches and Supervisors (APECS). She has 15 years experience in business, and was a Board Director for 10 years. For the last twelve years Jane has been immersed in the evolving profession of coaching in this country.

Photo of Jane Meyler

Jane was launched into Coaching when invited to become the first faculty member of the School of Coaching which earned a reputation as the initial provider of a university accredited programme for executive coaches. Jane still lectures on behalf of 'the School', most recently as part of a team developing the coaching capacity within the NHS. Her subsequent career as a coach has led to interesting projects, which include: writing and designing a personal bespoke one-to-one tutorial manual for a boutique consultancy; presenting at a national conference entitled 'Having the Courage to Coach'; consulting with Russian psychologists keen to develop coaching in their country and working with a team to develop a coaching culture in the fast moving industries in Central and Eastern Europe.

Jane aims for a transformational shift both for the individual and the organisation through having impactful and thought provoking conversations, where there is a finely balanced coaching relationship between the 'human' and the 'business', ruthlessness and compassion, humour and authority.

As a Business Coach, Jane's focus is on both the measurable qualitative and quantitative business results. She has worked successfully with both individuals and senior teams, her independent assignments having covered industries including manufacturing, I.T., consultancy, accountancy, law, and the voluntary sector, working mainly in the City and Europe. Recent clients include: ABN AMRO; Ashurst; AXA Investments; Bain Capital; KPMG; Mercer's Livery Company; NHS Institute; NPSA; Sackers; United British Media and Vodafone.

Jane's route to coaching commenced as a Human Resources Director for 15 years, when she became a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. During this time she trained as a counsellor with the Centre for Professional Employment Counselling. She is also a Master Practioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, qualified to deliver the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Fundamental Interpersonal Relationships Orientation Behaviour (FIRO B) instruments. She has a working knowledge of Psychosynthesis, and has made two film appearances; 'Coaching for Improved Performance at Work' and 'Coaching in Action'. She is accredited as a coach by Strathclyde University, and the Association of Professional Coaches and Supervisors (APECS), and qualified as a Coaching Supervisor with Bath Consultancy Group.

Dorothy Atcheson

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Dorothy possesses insatiable curiosity and people are her primary subjects. An interviewer at heart, she questions, listens, considers, feeds back and above all, quickly hones in to understand an issue and develop shared strategies for dealing with it. She enabled me to ‘get off the treadmill’, pause, reflect, redefine how I wanted to work – and how, most importantly, to achieve balance and alignment between the professional, the creative and the social aspects of my life.

(Managing Director – International Risk Consultancy Firm)

Dorothy is a leadership coach who has been leading teams and coaching and mentoring individuals in leadership and communications for many years, with clients based in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Europe and Asia.

Photo of Dorothy Atcheson

Originally from New York, Dorothy has lived in the UK since 1998. After a 25-year career with senior roles in media and communications she began her coach training with the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and found the career she was made for: developing people, and contributing toward more effective relationships and communication between them, and in the workplace.

Dorothy is specially trained in organisation and relationship systems coaching with CRR Global, helping her clients navigate the challenges of the wider organisational and relationship systems they are part of. She works with individuals, partnerships, teams and groups in everything from managing and communicating change and aligning values and vision to handling diversity and resolving conflicts.

Her particular areas of interest include: leading people from different cultural backgrounds; women in leadership; breaking down silos and start-up projects and companies. She specialises in enhancing confidence, self-awareness and impact, improving communication and relationship skills and building resilience in times of stress or change. She brings a wide range of interdisciplinary approaches to bear in her work, including neuroscience, mindfulness, Gestalt, transpersonal psychology, transactional analysis, creative thinking techniques and even a little quantum physics. Her clients describe her as intuitive and direct, with laser insight, as well as warm, empathic, non-judgmental and calm. She is able to challenge and support clients in equal measure, depending on their needs.

Dorothy is also a supervisor of other coaches, accredited in 2013 with the Coaching Supervision Academy (CSA), where she is now a tutor on both the UK and US faculty teams.

Her clients, like her own career history, span a wide range of industries. They include senior managers at commercial companies such as Google, Bank of America, Universal Music Group International and SABMiller plc; NGOs and charities such as BRAC in Bangladesh, BBC Media Action, Langkelly Chase Foundation, Oxfam and the British Lung Foundation; and governmental organisations, including the Home Office, HM Revenue & Customs, the NHS and the Foreign Office; as well as leaders of arts and cultural institutions, community interest companies, small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Edna Murdoch

Quotation Marks

The space Edna creates is very supportive, totally non-judgemental, safe, affirming and encouraging. It is wonderful to have a safe place to be able to take the issues that come up for me in my coaching.

(Executive Coach)

Edna Murdoch has been working internationally, with individuals and groups for over 25 years. She is an experienced coach, coach supervisor, stress management consultant and workshop leader. Companies and organisations which she has worked for include DBM, Full Potential Group, Hanover Foundations, Sussex Police, Channel 4, Microsoft, NTL, PSNI and the Pellin Institute, Italy.

Photo of Edna Murdoch

In 2001 Edna pioneered the first Supervision Service for coaches in the UK and she is now a Director of The Coaching Supervision Academy which provides supervision and Advanced Training programmes for major coaching companies, internal coaches and many independent Executive coaches. She has also designed and run Coach Supervision workshops for the Oxford School of Coaching and Mentoring, the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and BASPR (British Association for Supervision Practice and Research).

Edna is a member of the International Coach Federation, European Mentoring and Coaching Council and Association for Coaching.

Edna has been an Executive Coach since graduating with CoachU in 2000. Many models inform her practice including: Hawkins' 7-eyed model of supervision; CSA's Full Spectrum Model of Supervision; Group dynamics; Gestalt Tools; Mindfulness; Karpman Drama Triangle; Constellations Theory; Systems Theory. She uses creative approaches in her coaching such as writing, drawing, imaging and work with metaphor.

She is an accredited member of BACP 1984 - 1999, has an Advanced Diploma in Gestalt Theory and Practice, a Diploma in Transpersonal Psychology and Certificate in Supervision. She began her career as a teacher.

Cathy Reilly

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I have worked with three other coaches before with varying degrees of success. I find Cathy's ability to cut straight to the heart of the matter impressive. It's what I need - some challenge and honesty which helps me to see things from a different perspective.

(Partner - Risk Assurance)

Cathy Reilly works as a Consultant, Facilitator, Executive Coach and Coaching Supervisor. She has been working in the field of Organisational and Personal Development for 15 years. Cathy's background incorporates business knowledge and first hand experience of working in the business world alongside knowledge and experience from the more therapeutic setting of counselling and psychotherapy. Cathy has worked as a Management Consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), has completed an MBA from Henley Management College, has a Diploma from the School of Counselling & Psychotherapy and is an Accredited Coaching Supervisor.

Photo of Cathy Reilly

Cathy's practice is eclectic, and she draws upon a wide range of disciplines and thinking when working with groups and individuals. These include: Business Models; Systems Thinking; Change management; Gestalt; Transactional Analysis and Cognitive Behavioural approaches. Her style is said to be both challenging and pragmatic. Her ability to quickly cut through issues, arrive at a clearing and work with what's "real"; along with her ability to bring focus to sessions and to achieve "shift" at both an individual and group level.

Coaching clients include a range of Senior Executives from both the Public and Private Sectors. Most often these clients are working on a variety of leadership challenges along with issues connected with progressing to senior levels in organisations. Another key interest area is in supporting executives in managing a variety of transitions. This can mean working from the "inside-out" (looking at underlying beliefs and patterns) as much as looking at external factors and systems. The overarching model that Cathy works with is: AWARENESS -> CHOICES AND -> RESPONSE-ABILITY: The lack of, or absence of, awareness (of thinking, behaviour and impact) at best limits people's ability to achieve their potential and at worst keeps them stuck in repetitive patterns that do not serve them well. When awareness is raised and insight is created, people can become more choiceful. They start to make decisions, become proactive, take control and lead in a different way.

Her clients have included: PricewaterhouseCoopers; ARUP, ICAP, Mayer Brown, The Arts Council, National Grid, Danone, The BG Group, Various NHS Trusts and Health Organisations, Marie Curie Cancer Care, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants and the Royal Institute of British Architects, The International Transport Workers Federation.

Leanne Lowish

Quotation Marks

Leanne not only brings a tremendous skill set in terms of coaching group dynamics and fostering behavioural change to support highly effective business performance, but she does so with huge personal integrity and commitment and manages to balance high standards with deep care for her colleagues, her clients and above all the delegates within her remit. I have learnt a great deal from watching Leanne handle her material - and I have thoroughly enjoyed her collaborative and creative approach. She has been an absolute gift to the programme and one integral part of the great results we see for the participants and the organisation.

(Head of Central Talent, Resourcing & Organisational Development Team)

Leanne Lowish works as an accredited executive coach, team coach, coach supervisor and trainer. She has worked with executives, entrepreneurs, teams and organisations for 15 years, since 1998.

Photo of Leanne Lowish

With a B.A. in psychology from the Massey University in New Zealand, Leanne holds a Masters in Education from Dundee University and has postgraduate degrees in community education, counselling and psychosynthesis counselling. Accredited as a coach by the Association for Coaching UK, she is certified in organisation and relationship systems coaching and has a diploma in coaching supervision. She has trained in Hogan and LSI psychometric assessments. She is currently studying the use of somatic intelligence in leadership development.

Her approach is eclectic, building on her 26 years of studying and working with people and organisations. She is particularly experienced in working with teams and organisations to manage change and difficult dynamics and also developing leaders to break through their barriers to success. She studies and reads widely and uses cutting edge methodologies in her work as well as applying the latest research on how people learn and develop. She is pragmatic in her approach, she recognises the time pressures and stress of modern living and focuses on getting to the bottom line – she attributes this to her antipodean roots.

She is an accredited coaching supervisor and works with internal and external coaches and organisations to deliver excellence in their coaching and people development. She is the assistant director of one of the leading coaching supervision training organisations, the Coaching Supervision Academy, and has taken this training to Australia and Singapore, setting up companies there.

During her corporate career, Leanne held a variety of jobs including banking and consultancy for Merrill Lynch and Deutsche Bank, Senior Media Planner for McCann Erickson and Faulds Advertising, and qualitative researcher for The Planning Partnership. In the voluntary sector, Leanne has worked in Learning and Development for various charities and she has done a range of consulting work for public sector organisations.

Leanne is originally from New Zealand, and has lived and worked in NZ, Australia, Germany, Scotland and currently lives in London.

Her clients have included individuals, teams and organisations in the corporate, public and voluntary sector, such as: HSBC; British Gas Business; Gazprom; Sackers LLB; CapGemini; Bespoke Foods Ltd; Ceroc UK; DHL; Bupa; The Police; Brighton University; Ben Sherman; Tate; IWPR; RAPt; LVSC; Hope Worldwide and various departments in the UK’s Ministry of Defence.

Dan Long

Quotation Marks

I wanted to formally express my thanks for your help in preparing for my recent UK Director panel. I'm glad to say I was successful and in fact received very positive feedback from the process.


Dan Long works exclusively in the area of skills development for organisations and personal development for individuals. By working through his own Company and in association with other training and development consultants he has an exceptional track record of working with world class organisations to deliver programmes for national and international clients.

Photo of Dan Long

His experience comes from a combination of twelve years as a professional actor; five years as a consultant and Manager in the field of Arts Management; plus twenty years experience of applying that knowledge in the context of training and development for Commercial and Public Sector organisations.

Dan provides the experience, skill and integrity which enable him to work in partnership with clients and Associates to discuss their needs and jointly agree the right approach to enhancing the experiential element of any development programme or coaching intervention.

With client organisations his intention is to deliver supportive solutions to enhance existing development programmes, and to create bespoke programmes which can connect with individuals to give lasting impact beyond the training room. The emphasis is always on the individual's personal learning objectives. This way the participant receives a highly personalised learning experience. In fact a Course for 12 participants becomes 12 personalised learning experiences. Personal experiential learning is the connection between understanding theory and putting that theory into an immediate, meaningful personal perspective. Participants are encouraged to stretch out from their comfort zone through the application of a skilled 'coaching style' which supports and challenges the participant whilst providing a safe environment in which to try something new, with full confidentiality.

Some of his recent clients include: Friends Provident; HMRC; PricewaterhouseCoopers; Ebay Europe; ARM; Oxford Instuments; KPMG; Renishaw; Suffolk County Council; Scottish Govt; Welsh Assembly; Arts & Business; Leeds City Council; Acc Rabobank; FSA; Yorkshire Water; DSA; Mazars; Yule Catto; E C Harris; Scottish Power; Co-op Financial Services; Sellafield Sites and Northern Bank.

Trevor Waldock

Quotation Marks

Trevor truly inspires: he gets to the root of what leadership is about, none of this superficial stuff.

(Managing Director)

Trevor Waldock is the founding Director of the Executive Coach and the charity Emerging Leaders. He has been called one of the top executive coaches in Europe and has extensive experience across sectors. He is the author of 'The 18 Challenges of Leadership' - Pearsons 2004 and "To Plant A Walnut Tree" - how to create a fruitful legacy by using your experience - Nichols Brealey 2011. His expertise is in developing leaders at all levels where he combines his passion for leadership development, his skill as a top-level coach, his experience in organisational consultancy and his thorough understanding of the psychology of personal change. In addition to executive coaching, team and organisation wide coaching interventions.

Photo of Trevor Waldock

Trevor’s 15 years in leadership in the voluntary sector included five years being Chief Executive of a national start-up. During this time he added to his earlier international experience, working closely with the USA-based parent organisation and engaging with senior managers across manufacturing, commercial and public sectors. It was in the nature of this work that Trevor developed sound skills and experience in analysing strategic needs in organisations, diagnosing training and development needs, and developing interventions and programmes to meet them.

Trevor is highly regarded in his understanding of Leadership development from personal through to organisational levels. He has helped clients in areas such as: recognising and overcoming personal and interpersonal blockages to success; leading organisational change; the rigorous development of team mission, vision, values and instrumental behaviours; developing systems of performance management and measurement for teams; team formation and rapid development.

Trevor has worked alongside some of the top Executive Coaches in the country in his previous roles as faculty member for the School of Coaching to train coaches within the business context. Trevor speaks publicly on the area of leadership across the globe as well as leadership programmes including Cambridge University and Anglia Ruskin University’s MBA Programme in Cambridge & Essex. Trevor holds degrees in education, psychology as well as a certificate in theology. He holds a certificate in Executive Coaching with Strathclyde University, Trevor is qualified in Myers Briggs Type Indicator and Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis.

Some of his many clients have included: Merrill Lynch; Irish Life & Permanent TSB; Alfred Berg/BNP Paribas; Switch Card Services Ltd.; Allied Irish Bank; London Stock Exchange; Financial Services Authority (FSA); HSBC: Deutsche Bank – Private Banking; Visa Cemea; Irish Life & Permanent TSB; Lloyds TSB; M & G Investments; Nationwide; European Bank RD; GCI Financial; Ford Credit; Ford Europe; Freshfields Bruckhaus Derringer; Allen & Overy; Linklaters; SwissRe; EDF; BHP Billiton; 3i; Conoco; Hewlett Packard; Logica; Red Cross; Mitel Telecom; Tesco’s; Random House; Gillette UK & Europe Ltd.; BBC; Home Office and PricewaterhouseCoopers.


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