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Viv's layered questioning and resultant exploration helped me realise that it was my anxiety that was leading me to want to solve my clients' problems. As a result, I am going to step back during those moments and measure my internal stress. I intend to practice empathy and silence instead of trying to produce solutions whether through their own mouth or mine.

(Executive Coach)

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Supervision is about moving forward with my clients, faster, by offloading concerns and asking for possible solutions I have not seen. It is also about being helped through a blind spot. The supervision with Edna was very helpful as it made me feel more confident about the direction I was taking.

(Executive Coach)

Practising coaches come across issues time and time again that they need help in unpicking. The coach might experience difficult feelings towards a client; have a client who they think is not moving on; a client who exhibits strong emotions such as anger; or a client who may need therapy rather than coaching.

Supervision gives the supervisee a safe place and a supportive, challenging relationship where they can reflect on and think through the dynamics of their relationships with their clients, and become more aware of the impact on their client work. The supervisee will improve their skills and understanding, gain new insights, learn new techniques, unpick relationship and organisational dynamics and develop and sustain their competence.

Supervision can allow coaches to discharge their sometimes powerful, feelings and work out how they might work differently with their clients.

We offer Supervision for external and in-house coaches.

In-house Coaching Supervision

We have considerable experience of supervising internal coaches on a one-to-one basis or in small group sessions. We recognise that an in-house supervision programme needs to be set up in a way that protects client confidentiality and allows for the management of difficult dynamics and issues. As a result we would consult with your organisation to help you design a supervision programme which works well for your specific needs and organisational culture.

Supervision for in-house coaches ensures not only that coaching standards are monitored but also has the key roles of supporting and developing coaches.

Our Coach Supervisors

Supervision is provided by Viv Chitty, Edna Murdoch and Jane Meyler, who are all experienced coaches and coach supervisors. They work in their own specific ways and therefore are happy to chat with potential supervisees before they decide who they want to work with.

Supervision can be both face-to-face and on the phone.

For further information contact Viv Chitty using the details below.

Meet Viv now then contact us today for an informal chat about Supervision and Coaching.


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