What We Offer

Whatever the size or scale of the requirement our extensive consultancy and coaching experience ensures that we work with organisations to design interventions suitable for an individual and/or an organisation’s culture which are then delivered with direction yet flexibility.

Arrow Icon  Executive Coaching

Arrow Icon  Leadership Development

Leadership Development Programmes for senior management teams with Executive Coaching. As part of this we offer 360° surveys before the training and coaching interventions and after their completion.

Arrow Icon  Team Coaching

High performing senior teams are crucial to business success. Our coaches are highly experienced in coaching teams to deliver their goals, working with often complex and challenging dynamics in a challenging yet supportive way. This ensures the team is focused on agreed objectives and that their performance allows these objectives to be met.

Arrow Icon  Development interventions using acting and role play

In Executive Coaching it is sometimes invaluable to bring in other types of intervention. Having an actor in a session allows clients to work on development in a very realistic context. We use acting to help clients work on areas such as presentation skills, projecting themselves and enhancing their business presence.

By working with a coach and their client our consultant, Dan Long, can provide a valuable intervention to the coaching relationship by creating an appropriate simulation of the client’s challenge or situation. His primary intention is to introduce the client to another way of looking at their ‘challenge’ using drama exercises as a means of connecting with their own strengths. A secondary intention is to give the client some tools/techniques to help them better understand how to handle their ‘challenge’.

The benefits for the coaching relationship can be that the coach sees the client ‘in action’ and shared the moment where a behaviour has been explored or revealed.

Arrow Icon  Supervision for both external and in-house coaches (read more about supervision)

Arrow Icon  Training

All of our coaches have considerable consultancy and training experience. We provide training in coaching skills for senior managers and training for in-house mentors.

Contact us today to find out how much more we can offer you and your clients.


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