A Meyler Campbell event – ‘In Conversation with Viv Chitty’ on 28th September 2023

In this event I will discuss my original work on conceptualising energy for use in the coaching and supervision fields – and why it is important to address a client’s energy in coaching – with Alexandra Durnford who is a member of Faculty at Meyler Campbell.

Having optimal, depleted, or inappropriate high energy at work will impact on an individual’s performance, self-awareness, ability to lead and inspire and their relationships with others. This sometimes causes a considerable ripple effect on the atmosphere in their team or wider organisation. It can also affect their ability to engage with their own coaching.

My input will be based on the years of research I have conducted on this topic, including interviews with experienced executive coaches, which led to me writing the book Coaching for Optimal Energy: A guide for executive coaches. This book explores the concept of energy, how it manifests in sessions and in the workplace, influences on energy, the role of the coach and how this can be addressed by practitioners.

What you will gain from this event:

  • Original thinking about the concept of energy
  • Input on how energy manifests in clients in sessions
  • An understanding of the importance of working with client energy and where to start

For my experience see Viv Chitty.

Alexandra Durnford is a member of Faculty at Meyler Campbell, an executive coach and mediator. She works with clients on their self-management, behaviour and communication and runs a coaching and mediation practice Byron & Wilf.

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