Jane Meyler

Jane is an executive coach, consultant, educator, and coaching supervisor. She has 15 years’ experience in business and was a board member as an HR Director.

Jane Meyler Executive Coach

For the past 20 years she has been immersed in the evolving coaching profession in the UK. With significant knowledge and experience as a coach and educator, and a comprehensive psychological understanding, Jane works with an eclectic mix of skills, models, and methodologies, shifting within the coaching conversation between facilitative and directive styles according to need, to ensure her clients get the best possible outcome. She achieves coaching success by balancing the conversation to incorporate both the business and human aspects of work, by being ruthless and compassionate, caring and courageous, and by creating a light touch, mingling humour with authority.

Jane Meyler Executive Coach

Areas of expertise

  • Working with senior leadership teams
  • Coaching leaders who are taking on a new role
  • Working with challenging Board members
  • Managing global team members
  • Implementing change in organisational structure
  • Developing strategies to accommodate rapid growth in a competitive market
  • Developing relationships with global clients
  • Leveraging personal strengths to achieve maximum impact within a partnership culture
  • Coaching clients who are building and managing a professional team
  • Developing a wide range of leadership skills
  • Establishing work-life balance

Qualifications and memberships

  • Certificate of Professional Development in Coaching (Strathclyde University)
  • MA in Integrated Psychotherapy and Counselling (Regents University)
  • Certificate in Training and Development (Institute of Training and Development)
  • Certificate in Gestalt Coaching (Academy of Executive Coaching)
  • Foundation Programme Certificate in Psychosynthesis (Psychosynthesis Trust)
  • Certificate in Transactional Analysis (TA Works)
  • Certificate in Coaching Supervision (Bath Consultancy Group)
  • Myers Briggs Type Indication, Level I, Level II and Fundamental Interpersonal Relationship Orientation – Behaviour (OPP)
  • Accredited Coach and Supervisor with The Association for Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision (APECS)
  • Certificate in Equine Facilitation – LEAP
  • Member of the Institute of Personnel Management

Professional background

Jane was the first faculty member of the School of Coaching, the initial provider of a university-accredited programme for executive coaches in the UK. She was the founding director of a boutique consultancy, Meyler Campbell, that develops bespoke coach training and conducts research into the academic understanding of the evolving profession of coaching.

Her career as a coach, counsellor and consultant has led to many interesting projects including: presenting at a national conference entitled ‘Having the Courage to Coach’; developing a coaching culture in fast-moving industries in Central and Eastern Europe; designing a coaching assessment centre, and more recently playing a small part in the evolving neuroscientific understanding of the brain and the application to coaching. In 2016 Jane combined her two passions of coaching and horses, and qualified as an Equine Facilitator. Her work provides an opportunity to explore leadership impact and develop self-awareness working ‘on the ground’ with horses.


Jane’s client list includes:
ABN AMRO; Allen and Overy; Ashurst; Bain Capital; BOX; BNP Paribas; Expedia; Hewlett Packard; McKinsey; Novartis; NHS; Santander and Vodafone.

Jane is excellent at making me face, and deal with, the issues at hand by challenging the received wisdoms and accepted norms to bring about a step change in attitudes/practices. Jane is very good at walking the line between being challenging and having a fine sense of humanity, knowing when to press just a little further or adopt a different style or approach.

Regional Director, Benelux, Nordic and UK (MD)

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