Celebrating the publication of ‘Coaching for Optimal Energy’ a year ago!

I’m celebrating the first birthday of ‘Coaching for Optimal Energy: A guide for executive coaches’! And also that it continues to get great reviews and be placed on reading lists for coach and coach supervisor training courses.

It’s been a busy year since publication and I’ve been given wonderful opportunities to talk about both my research into optimal energy and the book itself. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed doing the keynote at the Oxford Brookes University 19th Coaching and Mentoring Research conference, as well as webinars for the Academy of Executive Coaching, Fielding Graduate University, Persyou (coming soon), the podcast with George Warren, and an interview with Alexandra Durnford for Meyler Campbell. In addition to speaking and other engagements, articles and reviews related to the book have appeared in journals such as ‘Coaching at Work’, ‘Coaching Perspectives’ and ‘The Coaching Psychologist’ (British Psychological Society).

Over this last 12 months, the increasing level of interest I’ve experienced from coaches and other practitioners around the topic of optimal energy goes to reinforce my conviction that it is really important to know how to address energy with our clients when we are coaching and supervising. Really important.

Here are two new reviews.

Viv Chitty’s Coaching for Optimal Energy offers practitioners an in-depth exploration of energy as a concept, how it manifests and the various aspects of client’s experiences that influence it. She makes clear case for the effects of suboptimal energy on executive performance and the potential of coaching to support improved performance by increasing executive energy. Her writing is clear and direct and well-grounded in her own research as well as the broader literature. Viv’s holistic model of coaching for optimal energy is detailed and addresses physical, emotional and cognitive aspects, offering a variety of tools and considerations for the coach. This book adds substance and depth to this aspect of executive coaching.

Francine Campone, Executive Coach, Coach Educator, Coach Supervisor

Optimal energy is a subject Viv Chitty knows well. She addresses this important topic for use in leadership coaching. This is an excellent book — timely, useful, and well-researched. Coaches and their clients can easily and effectively use the book in actionable ways for professional and personal development. Coaching for Optimal Energy belongs in every executive coach’s toolbox like the right tool at the right time for the right purpose. It is highly recommended!

Professor George Manning, Professor Emeritus (Psychology and Business), consultant and speaker

And I have made some really great connections with such supportive people around the world. Thank you to: my wonderful wing woman Deb Marcy, Adrian Myers, Tatiana Bachkirova, Ioanna Iordanou, Isabel Virgo, Daryn Castle, Clare Manning, Edna Murdoch, Miriam Orriss, Mike Smith, George Warren, Catherine Devitt, Alexandra Durnford, Francine Campone, Okokon Udo, Lee Robertson, Vicky Routledge, Rob Worthington, Sally Osborne, Pippa Greene, Drs Jane Jenkinson and Dan Jenkinson, Iain McCormick, Fiona Adamson, the late Professor Paul Brown, Kitty Chisholm and my research partners/colleagues whose case studies feature throughout the book and must, therefore, remain nameless!

Coaching for Optimal Energy the book

Optimal Energy® – the book

A completely new way of considering energy in executive coaching, the concept of Optimal Energy® is based on original research. This fresh insight and its application is a fundamental new approach for use in executive coaching.