Coach Supervision

When you have supervision with Viv you are working with a qualified, accredited supervisor who has been an executive coach for over 20 years and runs her own coaching consultancy.

Coaches come across issues time and time again in their client work that they need help in unpicking. Supervision will give you a safe place and a supportive, trusting, challenging relationship where they can step back and reflect on their work. Supervision is essential for coaches for the maintenance of standards and ethics in the coaching profession.

In coach supervision supervisees can:

  • Gain new insight into relationships with clients and organisational dynamics, sometimes by exploring how the relationship between the coach and supervisor mirrors that between the coach and their client
  • Explore the content and process of their work with a client and plan new ways of working
  • Look at, sometimes powerful, feelings relating to their work
  • Become more aware of the pressures and patterns that influence their client work
  • Discuss ethical dilemmas and address professional boundaries, contracting and referral
  • Be supported regarding personal matters which are influencing how they are feeling and their practise
  • Be given new information and knowledge, learn new tools and techniques
  • Consider their well-being and energy (see Optimal Energy®)

Viv has been supervising fellow coaches since qualifying with the Coaching Supervision Academy (CSA) in 2009. She maintains accreditation with CSA. Her aim is to provide a relationship where she and the supervisee/colleague can be curious and creative together, where the supervisee can really open up. At times she will offer new perspectives and, when appropriate, challenge. Her coach supervision is underpinned by her alignment with CSA, her training, many years’ experience and development as an executive coach including an MA in Coaching and Mentoring and her passion for coaching, coaches and supervision. Viv cares deeply about the ethics in coaching and the importance of supervision. You can learn more about this by listening to her recent discussion with George Warren on “Energy, Boundaries and Strong Emotion”, which was one an Edge of Coaching podcasts: a series of conversations between George Warren and ‘exciting thinkers from inside and outside coaching’.

If you want a supervisor ‘who does the job’ working as an executive coach with people in senior positions in complex organisational settings and who is a trained, accredited and experienced, contact Viv.

Supervision testimonials

Viv’s layered questioning and resultant exploration helped me realise that it was my anxiety that was leading me to want to solve my clients’ problems. As a result, I am going to step back during those moments and measure my internal stress. I intend to practice empathy and silence instead of trying to produce solutions whether through their own mouth or mine.

Executive Coach and Coach Supervisor

Viv has been my coaching supervisor for many years and has supported me to develop and grow as a coach over that time. Viv has a wonderful, calm, supportive approach to supervision and I feel comfortable to share all of my doubts, concerns and questions with her. I have learned so much through my sessions with Viv, especially during challenging times when I have needed additional support to maintain my coaching equilibrium. Viv is wise, empathetic, and highly experienced – I recommend her to any coach looking for a trusted and experienced coaching supervisor.

Executive Coach and Coach Supervisor

How coach supervision is provided

Viv supervises remotely and face-to-face.

Next steps for individuals and organisations

Please email Viv if you would like to discuss supervision for yourself or for coaches in your organisation.