Optimal Energy… an autumnal thought

I was in a yoga session yesterday evening and at the end of the session the teacher encouraged people in the group to lie there and ‘let the particles settle, the leaves fall and compost’. This brought me back to something I wrote about in my book about Optimal Energy® – part of which looks at encouraging clients (and ourselves) to consciously try to maintain our energy so that is is optimal and appropriate for what we are trying to achieve, as much as is practical. How many of our colleagues, clients and friends exercise to relax, really push themselves but then don’t allow the body and mind to just have a bit of space to calmly process what has been experienced and achieved. Maybe we could all do with a bit more time to let the particles settle, the leaves fall and compost! A most seasonal (in the UK) thought.

For more on this see page 100-103 of the book Coaching for Optimal Energy.

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