Optimal Energy® Executive Coaching with Viv Chitty

Suboptimal energy levels in senior executives, although rarely considered, can negatively impact efficacy, feelings, behaviour and self-awareness. Viv has designed a ground-breaking new energy coaching programme based on her award-winning academic research and book which helps clients to analyse and address their energy levels if they are in some way influencing their work, leadership, relationships and life out of work, in order to achieve ‘optimal energy®’ – the right amount of energy for what you are trying to do and achieve at a given time.

With her clients Viv explores:

  • What energy is
  • Why optimal energy is important for executive performance
  • What influences the client’s energy
  • A holistic way of addressing energy which is appropriate, pragmatic and sustainable for the individual

Viv also facilitates in-house groups on Optimal Energy.

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Coaching for Optimal Energy the book

Optimal Energy® – the book

A completely new way of considering energy in executive coaching, the concept of Optimal Energy® is based on original research. This fresh insight and its application is a fundamental new approach for use in executive coaching.