Working with client energy – the link to ICF and EMCC coaching competencies

A skilled executive coach is well placed to encourage heightened awareness and conscious self-management of energy in their clients. Working with energy in coaching fulfils many of the general expectations of the role of a coach. And, very importantly, the work aligns with ICF and EMCC coaching competencies – as detailed below.

How having Optimal Energy® is vital for senior executives

In ‘Coaching for Optimal Energy: A guide for executive coaches’ I explain how having Optimal Energy® is vital for senior executives in order for them to meet the many demands of their working life – and life outside of work – but the fact is often overlooked by individuals, organisations and coaches. Having depleted and inappropriate high energy can have numerous negative repercussions whereas conscious consideration of energy has many benefits, allowing people to become more aware of their energy levels at a given time and be able to act to address this.

Working with client energy – the link to the key competencies

This extract from Chapter Three outlines how working with client energy is linked to the key competencies.

Working with client energy aligns with the coaching competencies outlined by both the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). The revised ICF competences (2019) specifically mention energy, requiring that a coach ‘notices, acknowledges and explores the client’s emotions, energy shifts, non-verbal cues or other behaviours’. Working with a client’s energy fits in with many of the other ICF and EMCC (2015) competencies, where the latter is concerned particularly for senior and master practitioners. For example, a coach doing this work is showing concern for a client’s welfare and fully demonstrates the competencies relating to: being attentive to the full sensory range of the client’s communication, their emotions, language and physical expression; encouraging clients to explore and go beyond the current thinking by evoking awareness, sharing insight and noticing trends and helping them make connections and see different interrelated factors that affect their behaviour and emotion. It is also helps clients identify barriers to action.

In today’s climate of global crises and change there is an increasing need for coaches to be able to work with their clients to enable them to optimise their energy in order to meet the many demands made of them and lead forward effectively.

Coaching for Optimal Energy the book

Optimal Energy® – the book

A completely new way of considering energy in executive coaching, the concept of Optimal Energy® is based on original research. This fresh insight and its application is a fundamental new approach for use in executive coaching.